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Date Information
4. June 00 New timeline: League of Nations 1918-1946 collected by Philip J. Strollo
3. June 00 Online Publishing System ORCA in use
14. February 00 New timeline: World War II Diplomacy 1939 - 1945 by Richard Doody
13. February 00 New timeline: Poland 1918-1952 by Richard Doody
10. January 00 New biography: "Marshal Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov, by Graham Donaldson
1. January 00 New article: "Kriegsneurosen" by Heinrich Wietfeldt, reprint of an article on shell shock, in German
31. December 99 New timeline: Newfoundland & Labrador 1919-1949 by Richard Doody
31. December 99 New article: The Dominion of Newfoundland - From Oldest Colony to Newest Province by Richard Doody
31. December 99 New biography: General der Panzer Hans Hube by Graham Donaldson
11. June 99 New article: Over by Christmas - The Liberation of St. Pierre and Miquelon by Richard Doody
11. June 99 New article: Australian Political Fraternity by Graham Donaldson
11. June 99 New pictures in the "SHE"-HMAS and Australian Tank Deployment articles
11. June 99 New biographies added: Hull, Muselier, and a complete rework of Menzies
13. April 99 New biography added: Wainwright
8. April 99 New Timeline: French Empire 1940-45 by Richard Doody
28. February 99 New Timeline: Ireland 1918-48 by Richard Doody
Minor changes in timeline-structure
27. February 99 First Table added: Comparative military ranks
26. February 99 New biographies added: Blum, Reynaud and Daladier
20. February 99 Chandelle-Exhibition added
19. February 99 New Letter-section added to resources with
Assault on Tarawa as first contribution by Jerry Beach
15. February 99 Additional entries in the Australian Timeline
11. February 99 New Document added: Wilson´s Fourteen Points
4. February 99 New pictures from William Sooby added to This is London
4. February 99 New biography added: Dollfuß
4. February 99 New Thread- and Link-section
3. February 99 New biographies from Graham Donaldson added: Zhukov, Manteuffel, Zimmermann, Zeitzler, Bayerlein, Blumentritt, Kreipe
28. January 99 New biographies added: Sorge and Barbie. Minor change in biography index.
26. January 99 Australia´ Day on WorldAtWar:
New Timeline: Australia 1918-48
New Contribution: Australian Tank Deployment by Graham Donaldson
New Contribution: Australian Ski Troops - an unexpected combination by Garth
New Contribution: Australia's War - a synopsis by Paul B. A.
New Contribution: Australias Navy Reserve
New Contribution: "SHE" HMAS - a short story
New Biographies: Robert Menzies & George Alan Vasey

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