The World at War

Australian Tank Deployment
by Graham Donaldson

Australian tank deployment in the pacific theatre of war

Table of contents:

  1. Australian tank deployment and design at war 1941
  2. Cape Endaiadere at Buna, Papua late 1942
  3. Cape Killerton, Sanananda Track Papua early 1943
  4. Sattleberg Road, New Guinea 1943
  5. Huon Peninsula, northern New Guinea 1943-44
  6. Tank procurement for Australia during the Pacific war
  7. At Aitape to Wewak, northern New Guinea 1944-45
  8. On Bougainville Island, early 1945
  9. At Tarakan Island, northeast Borneo early -1945
  10. On Labuan Island, Bay of Brunei mid -1945
  11. Then mainland Brunei
  12. The Pocket of defiance on Labuan
  13. And Balikpapan, southern Borneo 1945-end


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