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History tours

A valuable and unique collection of articles and links to those who want to visit historical sites and memorials. Our main thanks go to Richard Doody.

"This is London" - a tour of Londonís WWII Memorials & Museums  by Richard Doody
A guided tour to Londons World War II Museums and Memorials. A vivid account of the legacy that the Second World War left in this "city of freedom". Contains many site-pictures from Richard and additional pictures from William Sooby.

Brittany from the Great War to the Liberation  by Richard Doody
A detailed narrative on the special situation of Brittany in France. Includes again a gallery with many photos from Richard on the atlantic wall and local memorials.

Overlord - the Normandy landings  by Richard Doody
A chonology of the Events of D-Day - the day of decision. This continues the line of high-quality articles with original photos.

In the Forest of Compiégne  by Richard Doody
In "The forest of Compiégne" there is a wagon that was twice used to end a war between France and Germany. It is a subject of many emotions, and a focus for European history...
The article contains pictures form Richards visit - the second best to actually being there.


Dedicated to the many forumnites and contributors from "down under". Our first (of many planned) national thread.
Timeline Australia 1918-1948

Australian Tank Deployment  by Graham Donaldson
An article that goes indepth into the use and development of tanks in Australias campaigns in the pacific theatre.

Australian Political Fraternity  by Graham Donaldson
This article gives an overview on the political landscape of Australia and its most prominent politicians.

Australia's War  by Paul Langtry B.A.
A work on the political and military influence of Australia's politicians on their army.

Australian Ski troops - an unusual combination  by Garth
A poem and a short article on the Australian Ski troops of Syria.

Australian Navy Reserve  by Graham Donaldson
The story of the Australian Navy Reserve and their men in service of the Royal Navy.

"SHE" HMAS  by Graham Donaldson
A story on an Australian ship inspired by the memoires of P.R.Buring RAN

Australian Biographies

The Chandelle exhibition

WorldAtWar is proud to host the archive for Chandelle - the online magazine to historical aviation. On our exhibition-page you will find links to all articles in Chandelle that connect to our timeline.

The sinking Yorktown

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