The World at War

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"The Dominion of Newfoundland " - from oldest colony to newest province  by Richard Doody
The story of a virtually unknown nation.

"Over by Christmas" - the Liberation of St. Pierre and Miquelon  by Richard Doody
A spotlight on a usually unknown sideshow of the WorldWar near the American shores. It describes in full detail the events on the French Islands and the struggle between Vichy, the Free French and US interests.

Australian Political Fraternity  by Graham Donaldson
This article gives an overview on the complex political landscape of Australia and presents sixteen of its most prominent politicians.

"This is London" - a tour of Londonís WWII Memorials & Museums  by Richard Doody
A guided tour to Londons World War II Museums and Memorials. A vivid account of the legacy that the Second World War left in this "city of freedom". Contains many site-pictures from Richard and additional pictures from William Sooby.

Australian Tank Deployment  by Graham Donaldson
An article that gives a full detailed overview to the use and deployment of tanks by the Australian army in the pacific theatre.

Australia's War  by Paul Langtry B.A.
A work on the political and military influence of Australia's politicians on their army.

Australian Ski troops - an unusual combination  by Garth
A poem and a short article on the Australian Ski troops of Syria.

Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve  by Graham Donaldson
The story of the Australian Navy Reserve and their men in service of the Royal Navy.

"SHE" HMAS  by Graham Donaldson
A story on an Australian ship inspired by the memoires of P.R.Buring RAN

Overlord - the Normandy landings  by Richard Doody
A chonology of the Events of D-Day - the day of decision. This continues the line of high-quality articles with original photos.

Brittany from the Great War to the Liberation  by Richard Doody
A detailed narrative on the special situation of Brittany in France. Includes again a gallery with many photos from Richard on the atlantic wall and local memorials.

The Battle of Mount Froid - the highest battle in Europe  by Alain Cerri
A desperate and bitter struggle for the control of Mount Froid - and ultimately the pass of Mont Cenis. Roger Cerri, now a sergeant of the Chasseur Alpins, is a veteran of this battle.

The Battle of Glieres - a fight for honour  by Alain Cerri
An account of the battle fought between French Maquis and first Vichy, then German troops at the plateau of Glieres, Haute-Savoie. One of the few Maquis that survived was Roger Cerri.

Operation Forager - the invasion of Saipan  by Soren Swigart
The story of Operation Forager, the invasion of Saipan, Guam and Tinian. This article focuses on the events on Saipan where Marine PFC Joseph L. Lanier, to whom this website is dedicated, was killed in action.

Europe in the Age of Autocracy  by Richard Doody
A timeline of autocracy in Europe between the wars. An impressive and frightening list of event that is ideally suited as a beginning point for further research into the development of dictatorship and fascism.

Fall Weiß - The Fall of Poland  by Soren Swigart
A narrative on Fall Weiß, the first Blitzkrieg in modern history.

The Reichstag-fire  by Soren Swigart
A short synopsis on the event leading to the final takeover of the NSDAP.

German codenames - a short summary  by Axel Schudak
A small summary of the most common German codenames in world war II.

In the Forest of Compiégne  by Richard Doody
In "The forest of Compiégne" there is a wagon that was twice used to end a war between France and Germany. It is a subject of many emotions, and a focus for European history...
The article contains pictures form Richards visit - the second best to actually being there.

"Kriegsneurosen" - als psychisch-soziale Mangelkrankheit  von Heinrich Wietfeldt
A republishing of a book published in 1936 by Heinrich Wietfeldt, concerning the handling of shell shock. The book bases on Wietfeldts experiences in the first World War. Currently only in the German original.