Chandelle:  A Journal of Aviation History

Volume 3, Number 3
November/December 1998

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Planting the Dragon's Teeth: The German Air Combat School at Lipetsk, 1925-1930

Picchiatelli over Malta: Italian Stukas in the Mediterranean Theater

Tigers and Lions in Paradise: Sri Lanka's Civil War

Combat Crop Dusters: the Ayres Turbo-Thrush NEDS and V-1-A Vigilante


Americal/Gryphon K..K Seeflieger (Austro-Hungarian Naval Aircraft)

Toko Sopwith 7F1 Snipe and TF.2 Salamander

Toko Nieuport 11

Toko Palz D.XII

Flashback Sopwith 1-Strutter

Pegasus Macchi M.5

Encore Polikarpov I-15bis

German Aircraft Industry and Production, 1933-1945, by Ferenc-Antal Vajda and Peter Darcy

Stalin's Eagles, an Illustrated Study of the Soviet Aces of World War II and Korea, by Hans Seidl


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