Chandelle:  A Journal of Aviation History

Volume 3, Number 2

June/July 1998


Arcana from the Great War: the Ursinus Seaplane and the Vickers FB.26a

COIN: The Portuguese in Africa, 1959-1975

The Ultimate Shturmovik: Sukhoi's Long-Ranging Su-8


Newest Offerings from Americal/Gryphon Decals: Interior Lozenge and 56 Squadron RFC

North American F-100 Supersabre in Taiwanese Service, by Clarence Fu

Finnish Air Force, 1939-1945, by Kalevi Keskinen and Kari Stenman

Les Avions Allemands aux Couleurs Francaises, Tome 1, by Philippe Ricco and Jean-Claude Soumille

Toko's 1/72-scale Siemens-Schuckert D-III/IV

Text and illustrations 1998 by Robert Craig Johnson unless otherwise attributed. All rights reserved.