Review: Hawker Hunter

Hawker Hunter, , by by Alan W. Hall, Warpaint Series #8 (Hall Park Books, nd) 60 pages, $23.95.

This publication is part of a recent series by the publisher of Scale Aircraft Modeling, a magazine well-known for color and marking information. Each volume in the series focuses on a single aircraft type.

The text provides a concise synopsis of the development of the Hunter and its entry into squadron service. All variants are covered, including the two seat training machines. Twentysix pages of color profiles illustrate no fewer than 106 individual aircraft in RAF and foreign service. Four pages of 1:72 scale drawings depict most of the operational variants. Photographs are numerous and uniformly excellent. Reproduction is first rate, and many details are clearly shown.

This publication is an essential reference for those interested in modeling the Hunter.

Highly recommended.

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