Review: Bristol F2B Fighter—King of Two-Seaters, by Chaz Bowyer

Bristol F2B Fighter—King of Two-Seaters, by Chaz Bowyer, 8.5 x 10 in, 128 pages.

I recently acquired a copy of this book and found it disappointing. It has been hawked by a couple of used book sellers for around US$40.00, which I think is a bit high. It is not a book for modelers. There are a couple of tiny drawings in an appendix in the back. The photo selection is nice, but not astounding, and the text is not terribly good, in my view.

The text for the WW I section of the book is basically a blow-by-blow description of the combat use of this machine along the lines of "Fl. Lt. such and such with his observer Sgt. haw-haw flew against 25 machines from Jasta Boelkegestalt on 27 September and in an amazing action shot them all down." Perhaps you get the drift. There is not much describing the technial development of the Bristol Fighter either during or after the war.

This book was certainly less that I had expected after the author's excellent Sopwith Camel,—King of Combat.

Not recommended.

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