The World at War

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History is the collective story of all people. Although each and every person has its part in history, the decisions and deeds of some tend to have more influence on the course of history than those of others. Some of these are known, like Churchill or Hitler, some of them are less known, like Turing or Heisenberg. Some we will never know, since the history we know of tends to focus on those events that are reported.

Writing but small biographies for only a small collection of those who shaped this troubled times is a task we simply cannot fulfil. We hope that some of our readers feel up to the task of submitting biographies, or perhaps a small addendum to existing ones. Thanks!

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Each person is only noted in his most prominent profession for this time (eg. Petain or Horthy as politicians, not generals). Scientists and Artists are usually not ordered via nationality. Any suggestions are welcome

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